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Cost control is finding the perfect balance of a company's core principles to optimistically make administrations and operations run lean and green. In his seminar, "Evaluating Your Bottom Line," American Towman Operations Editor Randall Resch introduces 25-cost control strategies to help towing and recovery operations increase their bottom-line. The seminar will be presented as part of the Cost Control Conference during Tow Industry Week in Las Vegas, Nev., May 10-12 at the South Point Hotel & Casino.
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingApril 26 - May 02, 2017

Repo Agents Dispute [b]Marshal's Claim

The assistant fire marshal of Petersburg, Va., was arrested April 21 after allegedly firing shots at an individual who came to repossess his vehicle. Marlow Jones said the agents stated they had orders to take the van, but he said no money is owed. He denied firing the gun, saying that after he noticed they were repo men he set his gun down on the bumper, and said, "You have three seconds to get out of my yard." The agents told police Jones did fire the gun. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau

Overnight Parking Amendment Proposed

Inebriated patrons in Tallahassee, Fla., would be allowed to leave their cars at bars overnight under a proposed amendment to the city's towing ordinance. The amendment would prohibit tow trucks from removing vehicles parked at bars and other alcohol-selling establishments between 2 a.m. and 10 a.m. The idea came from an article City Commissioner Gil Ziffer said he read in a media alert. "It keeps people in bars from getting in their cars because they are afraid of getting towed," Ziffer said. "It doesn't seem like a good reason to get into a car, and potentially get into an accident where they could hurt themselves and others." Currently, the city code doesn't allow the suspension of towing vehicles from bars, lounges and restaurants licensed to sell alcohol. Source:

Omadi and TomTom Team Up

Omadi and TomTom Telematics recently announced a collaboration designed to improve towing efficiencies. This alliance is designed to enhance their current integration by providing customers with seamless access to both the Omadi software platform and TomTom WEBFLEET. The Omadi platform will also seamlessly integrate with the TomTom PRO 7250 and entirely run on the TomTom PRO 8275 driver terminal, becoming the first towing software app to run completely on a TomTom driver terminal. Source: Omadi Mobile Management.
Overnight Parking Amendment Proposed
Would allow inebriated patrons to leave vehicles overnight at bars
Repo Agents Dispute Marshal’s Claim
Assistant fire marshal of Petersburg, Va., arrested on repo attempt
Omadi and TomTom Team Up
Collaboration designed to improve towing efficiencies.

$40M Winning Bid in URT Auction

United Road Towing Inc. received court approval for a sale of its assets to a pre-petition lender that will provide about $40 million in consideration for the transaction.

After consulting with its post-petition lenders and unsecured creditors, the company determined that the offer made by Medley Capital Corp. was the best offer. Medley bid $16 million of the second-priority pre-petition debt it holds against United Road Towing and pledged to assume $24 million of the debtor's liabilities, according to United Road Towing attorney M. Blake Cleary.

The most significant liability to be assumed by Medley is the remaining amounts outstanding under the company's debtor-in-possession loan, about $14 million.

Other liabilities include accrued post-petition accounts payable, administrative expenses of the Chapter 11 case, employee payroll and benefits, sales and use taxes, and up to $750,000 in unsecured claims. Medley will also chip in $250,000 to fund the wind down of the case.

AT Spirit Ride
American Towman TV • Emily Oz Reports • April 26 - May 02, 2017

It's a Vegas Affair

In just a couple of weeks everybody will be hightailing it to Las Vegas, Nev. for Tow Industry Week, which promises to be the biggest trade show in the western region of the U.S. this year. Highlighted by the American Towman ShowPlace at the South Point Hotel and Casino, more than 150 tow industry suppliers will be on hand to greet you, show their wares and make sure you're well-stocked and ready to take on the year ahead.

This year's event is further bolstered by the participation of the California Tow Truck Association, who will hold their annual meeting, light-duty training and convention in conjunction with the trade show.

Educational conferences, special events, hospitalities and live demonstrations will also be a part of this mega event.

I look forward to "seeing you there for the affair," May 10-12 for Tow Industry Week in Las Vegas at the South Point. If you haven't already, be sure to register TODAY at
--Charles Duke
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