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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingJanuary 16 - January 22, 2019
Texas towman and former city council member Glenn Sanco died of a possible massive heart attack after assisting two Department of Public Safety troopers in separate incidents Dec. 27. Image -

Hero Towman Dies [b]Helping Troopers

An Arcola, Texas, towman and former city council member died a hero, a state trooper wrote in a Facebook post.

Glenn Sanco died of a possible massive heart attack after assisting two Department of Public Safety troopers in separate incidents Dec. 27.

Trooper Justin Michael wrote that he was in the midst of a chaotic traffic stop when towman Sanco just showed up and assisted the trooper. Hours later, Sanco helped troopers at a different stop where a suspect got away from them.

Sanco, nearby in his tow truck, tackled and held down the suspect" until the other troopers could place him in custody," Michael said.

Moments later, Sanco collapsed. Troopers administered CPR, but he died shortly thereafter at a local hospital.

Family members say Sanco always wanted to be a police officer, but the responsibilities of providing for his family kept him from returning to school. He died helping law enforcement.

" Anything he could do for anyone, he would do. People could call him any time of night, and he would get up and help them. He's just a good person. He was the best person I known," said his wife Ebony.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for his children.


Vigil for Towman Killed in NM

Dozens of people gathered to honor towman Pat Cisneros, who was killed helping police on I-40. Cisneros was standing outside his vehicle when a semi hit him Jan. 2.

More than 120 tow trucks from all across New Mexico packed an empty lot Friday night to remember him.

"When something happens, somebody's down, somebody's sick, something like this where somebody gets killed, we all come together," Melissa Tafoya, a friend of Cisneros, said. New Mexico State Police officers were also there, including the officer who Cisneros pulled over to help.

Cisneros was honored with a candlelight vigil.

"Patrick is the type of person who would help anybody," Tafoya said.

"First you think, surely not another one," Linda Unruh said. Her son Bobby, also a tow-truck driver, was killed two years ago. Shortly after she helped get "Bobby's Law" passed, expanding the state's "Move Over Law" to include tow trucks.


UCR Fees Reduced [b]for 2019, 2020

Unified Carrier Registration fees for trucking companies, brokers and freight forwarders for 2019, 2020 and beyond have been reduced from 2017 levels so as not to exceed the statutory maximum set by Congress.

Registration fees in 2019 are reduced by 18.62 percent to range from $62 for carriers with up to two trucks to $59,689 for carriers with more than 1,000 trucks. The reductions are between $11 and $10,282, based on the number of trucks in a fleet.

Registration fees in 2018 were reduced by approximately 9.1 percent.

Under the UCR Plan and Agreement, a maximum amount of revenues that can be collected from carriers is established at $107.78 million by statute. Fees collected in 2017 exceeded this maximum by $7.3 million. The fee reductions for 2019 and 2020 are to ensure registration fees don't exceed the maximum in the next two years.


Family Honors Struck Towman

A Stockton, California, family honored a towman who was killed Christmas Day by a suspected drunken driver.

Morga was loading a car onto his truck on the shoulder of I-5 when the CHP says 25-year-old driver Kyle Thomasson, who officers suspect was drunk, fatally crashed into him.

Some community members remember Thomasson as a contestant on seasons 10 and 15 of "American Idol."

Pictures were hung throughout Morga's company, Bob's Tow Yard, Jan. 3. Son Jorge, a high school senior, said he is now dedicating his life to saving others.

"My father has always been that type of guy who doesn't like to have everything focused on him," he said. "So I thought it was a great idea to bring awareness to drunk driving and to all these tow truck operators and construction workers who are killed daily because of laws that are not enforced."


Towman Struck and Killed in Texas

A towman helping a stranded motorist in Grand Prairie, Texas, was hit and killed Jan. 4 by another vehicle that fled the scene.

Police say the towman, later identified as Keith Holt, was assisting a stranded driver when he was struck. The driver fled into Arlington in what is believed to be a white Nissan car that may have damage to the front right side.

Holt, 46, died at the scene.

The Grand Prairie and Arlington police departments were investigating the death and searching for the driver at press time.

Anyone with information can call Grand Prairie police at 972-237-8906 or Crime Stoppers at 972-988-TIPS.


Cummins' Zed ELD [b]Ending Service Jan. 31

The Zed ELD, an electronic logging device produced by Cummins, will be ceasing service on Jan. 31, the company announced via a recent notice on its website.

Zed users can opt into the Stoneridge company's EZ-ELD product and receive, Zed says, a "free-of-charge Stoneridge ELD Device and a free-of-charge 1-year subscription to Stoneridge ELD and IFTA." The Stoneridge product is otherwise operable with a monthly subscription, as are most ELDs on the market.

The Zed ELD discontinuation comes just several months after the company touted its Zed Connect platform and refinements to its ELD app at the Great American Trucking Show in August.

Zed's closure leaves just four devices capable of operating without monthly fees on the market: Blue Ink Technology's ELD, Continental's VDO RoadLog, GPS stalwart Garmin's ELD and the Switchboard ELD.

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